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Columbarium Expansion Project

The St. Mark’s Columbarium is an outdoor burial and garden space located on the north side of the church building.  The Columbarium provides spaces or “niches” in a wall and sites in the ground for the cremated remains of deceased parish members and their families. It is an accessible peaceful setting for remembrance, prayer and meditation. The Columbarium was constructed in 1998 with 80 niches in the wall portion and 64 spaces in the adjacent ground terrace. Twenty years later, only five niches in the wall remain unsold. With the Columbarium wall nearing capacity, this summer we will undertake an expansion of the wall, adding two “wing” sections, each with 60 spaces for a total of 120 additional niches. Members and friends of St. Mark’s have the opportunity to purchase niches at a pre-construction discount this summer. The discounted price is $1,500 per wall niche and $750 per in-ground space. After construction is completed in September, prices will be $2,000 per wall niche and $1,000 per in-ground plot.

Purchasers of Columbarium spaces receive a license for each niche or plot purchased.  A bronze plaque bearing the name and birth and death years of the deceased is attached to the face of the niche or to a bronze tableau on the outside chapel wall above the in-ground plots.

The word “columbarium” comes from the Latin “columba” meaning the dwelling place of a dove, which for Christians is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In ancient Rome, the early Christians referred to their burial niches in the catacombs as colombaria, noting the resemblance to the nesting boxes provided for doves. Later the word came to mean an area of consecrated church ground used for the burial of cremated remains.

If you would like to purchase a niche or plot, please contact Dellana Mote, office manager at frontdesk@stmarksglenellyn.org.