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Rev. George Smith’s July 1 Sunday Sermon: Leave Your Trench Behind

“The following sermon contains political subject matter and other topics that are may be considered by some to be inappropriate for the pulpit.  Listener attention is encouraged.

The Apostle Paul was jailed seven times and behead in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero.  He did not receive this treatment because he was milk-toast in his views, writings and statements.  For similar reasons, Jesus’ disciple Peter was crucified upside down by Nero’s henchmen.  Of course, Jesus himself was condemned as a criminal and crucified for his anti-establishment sermons, actions and lifestyle.

From its beginning, the Christian community has not been a private club for self-improvement and individual gain. It is a social movement through the power of the living God that transforms humans, a movement that proclaims and practices radical inclusion, justice and fairness in the face of great opposition, persecution and cost.  This is because the movement inevitably and purposefully encounters the dynamics of the society in which is exists.  Another word for the dynamics of a society is politics.  The narrow understanding of politics is what happens in Springfield or Washington, D.C.  But the more accurate and real-life definition is that politics is the realm of complex relations among people living in a society.  Therefore, by its very nature, the church is political and engaged in politics whether acknowledged or not.  Now let me make an important clarification between things political and partisan.” To read the sermon in full, please click here.