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Sermon: A Different Kind of Way by Paul-Gordon Chandler

“When I was doing research for my book on Kahlil Gibran, the early 20th century Lebanese born poet-mystic and author of The Prophet, who was from a Christian background, I came upon an article titled “The Crucified” that he wrote in Arabic one Good Friday that very much catches the spirit of today’s Gospel reading. He writes: “Today….man is startled from his deep slumber and stands before the phantoms of the Ages, looking with tearful eyes….to witness Jesus the Nazarene nailed on the Cross…For centuries Humanity has been worshipping weakness in the person of the Savior. The Nazarene was not weak! He was strong and is strong! But the people refuse to heed the true meaning of his strength…” In our reading in Mark’s Gospel, we are told of Jesus’ “different kind of way”—what one might call “the way of non-power” Our account finds Jesus and his disciples heading towards Jerusalem. And Jesus chooses to travel anonymously on this Galilean journey. For it was to be a period of intense teaching.” To read the entirety of his sermon please click here.