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Sermon by Sandy Miller

“Our Gospel for today ends with Jesus blessing the children – in fact it ends with him insisting on letting them come to him, even as his disciples tried to get them to go away and stop bothering Jesus. Blessing them – even though in Jesus’ day, children were considered so insignificant that they were the least of the least.

Jesus reminds us that the kingdom of God belongs to everyone; including the weakest, most vulnerable of our society – words that we heard in our Gospel a few weeks ago.

As a clinical child psychologist, who spends my days with children, I was sorely tempted to focus this morning on those last few verses of our Gospel – to concentrate on the important message of what children have to teach us about the kingdom of God and, in doing so, successfully avoid the rest of our lesson from Mark and the messy subject of divorce! After all, in my almost 30 years of being a psychologist, I’ve succeeded in mostly avoiding the complicated, emotionally-wrought work of marital counseling!

But like it or not, our Gospel today includes the topic of divorce – Jesus’ response to the questions posed by the Pharisees. And though Jesus responds to their question, he doesn’t appear to want to get caught up in the topic of divorce any more than I do. It was as complicated an issue then as it is now.” To read her sermon in its entirety, please click here for English and here for Spanish.