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Welcome Dulce C. Torres – Program Organizer for CREO – Comunidades Realizando Estudiantes Extra-Ordinarios 

After working in corporate America for a few years after college, I felt that something was missing. I asked God for guidance and wisdom and ultimately quit my “career” job to pursue more personally meaningful work. I was fortunate enough to pursue my passions and give back to the community during my “time-off.” I traveled, spent time with family, and volunteered. God’s time and plans are perfect, and now I have the opportunity to impact Latino/Hispanic students through CREO. As a first-generation college student with a bachelor’s in Mathematics, I’m excited to be driving the work at CREO. CREO means “I believe” in Spanish and CREO’s goal is to provide students with the right resources to enable them to “believe” that they too can successfully obtain a college degree. My initial tasks are to (1) come up with the program’s foundational structure, (2) start tutoring sessions for students, and (3) set up monthly workshops for families. CREO will be based at St. Mark’s with its start made possible by a grant from an anonymous supporter.  The hope and expectation is that future funding will come from grants and other sources.  If you have any questions about CREO and or would like to volunteer to tutor, please call me at 708-336-9221 or send an email to