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Suspending In-Person Worship: A Word from Bishop Lee and St. Mark’s

Being mindful of the responsibility of Christian leaders to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and care for the most vulnerable among us, the Right Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee of the Diocese of Chicago is encouraging everyone to stay home from church starting this Sunday.

Our plan is to conduct worship on Sunday morning that will be live-streamed on Facebook for all to see (more information to come on Friday).

We are suspending all in-person church meetings effective immediately and will use virtual means to connect as much as possible.

Note that St. Mark’s Preschool and Parents Day Out follow District 41’s lead regarding school closings.

As a reminder, those who are consider most vulnerable include anyone who is an older adult and/or has health issues or is immunocompromised.

If you do come to church for any reason, all should practice “social distancing.”  That means no physical touch (handshakes, kissing, hugs) and keeping a distance of six feet from others. Be very mindful about clean hands and not touching your face

Let’s use a “buddy system” to keep close track of each other for the time being. Who are your buddies at church? Make sure you have their contact information and make a plan to check on each other. Also, watch Facebook, your email, and the St. Mark’s website for updates.

We will continue to reach out to all members via email and social media (Facebook and Instagram) with the latest news. We’ll also put signs on the doors for anyone who comes to the church, and refer people to the website and to call the general office number for more information.

Fr George returns from vacation on Saturday evening. In the meantime, please contact the following if you have questions, are sick, or need help:

Dellana Mote, Office Manager at (630) 858-1020 

Rev. Miguel Briones, Deacon (Spanish and English) 

Bill Kalbfleisch, Senior Warden 

Melissa Gonzalez, Communications Administrator