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Online Service and Meeting Quick Guide

To attend worship, a class, or a meeting,

Go to on your browser, or open the Zoom app on your phone or tablet. Enter the Meeting ID listed. Welcome! 


Sunday Worship Sunday at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm 483-170-780
Morning Prayer Monday – Friday at 8:30 am 247-149-797
Compline Tuesday at 9:00 pm 897-9705-5160


Formation Classes

Godly Play Sunday at 10:00 am 851-581-9069
Youth Sunday School Sunday at 12:00 pm 290-179-151
Sunday Youth Confirmation Sunday at 2:30 pm 362-313-143
Bible Contemplation Monday at 8:00 pm 675-388-785
Bible Study with the Rector Tuesday at 9:00 am 535-428-803
Bible Study in Spanish (Estudio Biblico) Thursday at 7:00 pm 792-9302-1740

Fellowship and Support

30-Minute Meditation Wednesday at 7:00 pm 619-860-292
Friday Youth Zoom Café Friday at 7:00 pm 290-179-151
St. Mark’s Saturday Men’s Group Saturday at 8:30 am 548-285-510
Pastoral Care Team Meeting Saturday (May 2) at 2:00 pm 939-5579-9631

Image is of The Lion of St. Mark (detail) by Vittore Carpacci, 1516. Tempera on canvas, Palazzo Ducale, Venice.