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Phase 4 Re-Opening Statement

June 24, 2020

All church official business and meetings will continue to occur virtually as we evaluate the new Phase 4 State, Diocese, and other applicable guidelines and consider implementing new protocols at St Mark’s.

All new protocols for St. Mark’s will be published when determined with sufficient notice for our staff, volunteers and parishioners to safely implement and be trained on any changes and necessary supplies and equipment procured.

We know some individuals may elect to now begin meeting in small groups in person, not on church premises, and will make their own good faith determinations as to appropriate protection of their personal health and safety, as well as that of the others they may meet with and spend time with including those they live with.

St. Mark’s cannot organize or approve such social meetings given the CDC‘s continued guidance to stay home except for essential activities. However, we do encourage you to continue via Zoom and other virtual methods to include any parishioner who wishes to participate, particularly should some elect to meet in person.

Thank you for always remembering to be respectful, flexible, creative and inclusive whenever possible during this transition time.