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Please Enjoy the “St. Mark’s in Motion” Slide Show

Click here to watch the “St. Marks’ in Motion” slide show!

A few words from longtime parishioner and photographer Peter Vagt.

As you know, the Art Group puts up “Art Shows” in the St. Mark’s Gallery – on the Nave walls – several times a year. We started with Ludmilla’s show in 2013 and have continued with three or four shows a year since then.

A full slate of shows was planned for 2020, and last fall, the Art Group asked me to assemble a show of St. Mark’s photographs for a spring show the year.  Beth Treleven and I work together and came up with the title “Saint Mark’s In Motion” and selected about 100 photos from the thousands I had taken at St. Mark’s between 2009 and 2019. The show was to be installed after Easter Sunday and run through June.

Preparation was almost complete by the time of the pandemic shutdown.  I had made 15 30” x 30” panels, each containing three to five photographs.  Each panel was a different topic, things like Palm Sunday, the Parish Picnic, Sunday School Classes, etc.

At the beginning of March, we were making plans for hanging the show and holding the “opening.”  But it was also becoming apparent that the church was going to be closed during the planned timeframe for the show.  So [Rector] George [Smith] asked if I could make a slideshow as a preview of the show and also as a reminder that we will all be together again someday!

For the slideshow, I arranged the photos in the order of a typical year, starting with the annual meeting and cake auction held every January and ending with the Guadalupe Festival and St. Nick Celebration which occur in December each year.  Each of the “events” can contain photos from different years, providing some interesting juxtapositions of the same kids, at different ages!!

It has been very meaningful for me to see all these pictures and remember the wonderful years we spent at St. Mark’s!  Virginia and I miss you all !!