About Sandy

Sandy Siegel Miller, a postulant for holy orders, will be at St. Mark’s as part of her formation process for being ordained a deacon. She was raised up by her home parish, Church of the Holy Nativity in Clarendon Hills. Outside of church, Sandy wears several hats. She is a Child Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Hinsdale, where she specializes in medical and neurological pediatric conditions. Her therapy dog, Higgins, is a valued colleague at the office. In addition, Sandy and her husband, Jonathan, are the founders of Encore Illinois which runs choirs for older adults. They currently have 7 choirs in the Chicago area with more than 300 singers and plan to add a choir specifically for people with dementia in fall, 2018. In her “spare” time, Sandy loves almost anything that will find her outdoors and active, such as gardening, hiking, and Agility training with her dogs.  Sandy looks forward to worshiping, working, and singing with you; learning about Spanish liturgy and music; and improving her Spanish. She’s eager to get to know everyone; please introduce yourself!