Advent Reflections

The Spirit dwells in the community of the Church and works continuously to form us in our thoughts, our actions, and reflections.  

The community of St. Mark’s is reflecting on Advent 2020 with poetry and prose, pictures, and music.  Come join us in our reflection.  

If you have an Advent reflection of your own that you’d like to share,

please contact Jo Ann Lagman.

Advent Day 1

“A Season of Preparation and Expectation”  by Gretchen Kenower

The word Advent comes from the Latin Adventus, meaning coming. So what’s coming.

Well Advent I is the beginning of the new church year. It ends on Christmas, with the Christmas season then ending on Epiphany when the three Magi appear.

It is a season of preparation and expectation, preparing our hearts to welcome the new Babe. In past days, the liturgical color was purple, which generally is used in Lent for penitence.  In more recent years, many churches – as we do at St. Mark’s– have adopted from the English Church the color blue, which is the color of expectation.  It is also the color of Mary and of prayer.

Many people use Advent wreathes to celebrate each Sunday.  The candles have their own meaning: The first Sunday is God’s people, the candle of hope. The second candle is for the Old Testament prophets, the candle of peace. The third Sunday is for John the Baptist, the candle of love.  And the final Sunday in Advent is the rose candle for Mary, the candle of joy.

When we gather on Christmas Eve, we welcome and celebrate the incredible gift God has given us, His Son Jesus.  “O Holy Night, O night Divine.  Fall on your knees – and hear the angel voices.”


Advent Day 2

A Poem by Liam Dunch


We pause in stillness, quiet darkness surrounds us

Winter closes in, the hush descends

Yet still, there is something more, a thought, a promise

Hear the whisper of a distant voice

We await the coming of the light!


–       Liam Dunch

Advent Day 3

A Reflection by Laura Waterman

Advent Day 4

Awaiting Return by Jo Ann Lagman

Advent Day 5

The now and the not yet.

By Catharine Phillips

Advent Day 6

The Truth Sent From Above

Sung by The Mercer Madrigal Singers with James and Grayson Van Camp.

Advent Day 7

Searching for the Real Meaning of Christmas by David Fletcher

Advent Day 8

He Comes Like a Thief in the Night (2 Peter 3:8-15a)

“the midwives came” by Carolyn Faivre

Advent Day 9

I lift up my eyes to the hills by Marsha Webster

Advent Day 10

Advent Reflection by The Rev. Miguel Briones

Advent Day 11

Salutation Carol

Sung by The Mercer Madrigal Singers with James and Grayson Van Camp.

Advent Day 12

Begin near light wherever it is found.

Advent Day 13

Penitencia Gozosa (Joyful Penance) by The Rev. José C. Arroyo 

Advent Day 14

And When by Catharine Phillips

Advent Day 15

Joy while waiting by Jo Ann J. Lagman.

Advent Day 16

Sadness will be followed by jubilation.  By Dan Conaway

Advent Day 16

Prepare, watch, and wait.  A visual reflection by Ann and Bob Cardwell.

Advent Day 17

The Son of Man by Susie and Bob Meehan

Advent Day 18

Certainty, Tradition, and Expectation by Cynthia Mote

Advent Day 19


Advent Day 20

Giving Our Heart by Jane Moore

Advent Day 21

Being light together.  By Beth Quoss

Advent Day 22

We are all mothers of God by Suzi Holding

Advent Day 23

And When by Catharine Phillips

Advent Day 24

Lord, Your ways are not our own.  By John Glavin

Advent Day 25

Christmas Counting from Pastor Robin