Advent Wreath Gallery

John Mueller
Gerald Carey
Joshua O'Shea
May Anstee
Hester Bury
Grayson Van Camp
Carolyn Faivre
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According to the Episcopal Church Diction, advent wreaths are:

A circle of greenery, marked by four candles that represent the four Sundays of the season of Advent. An additional candle is lit as each new Sunday is celebrated in Advent. Advent wreaths are used both in churches and in homes for devotional purposes. The candles may be blue, purple, or lavender, depending on local custom. Some Advent wreaths include a white candle in the center known as the “Christ Candle,” which is lit on Christmas Eve.


This year parishioners are St. Mark’s made their own Advent wreaths our of materials they found at home. Please enjoy this slide show of the different creations!