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July 5, 2018

Rev. George Smith’s July 1 Sunday Sermon: Leave Your Trench Behind

“The following sermon contains political subject matter and other topics that are may be considered by some to be inappropriate for the pulpit.  Listener attention is encouraged.

The Apostle Paul was jailed seven times and behead in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero.  He did not receive this treatment because he was milk-toast in his views, writings and statements.  For similar reasons, Jesus’ disciple Peter was crucified upside down by Nero’s henchmen.  Of course, Jesus himself was condemned as a criminal and crucified for his anti-establishment sermons, actions and lifestyle.

From its beginning, the Christian community has not been a private club for self-improvement and individual gain. It is a social movement through the power of the living God that transforms humans, a movement that proclaims and practices radical inclusion, justice and fairness in the face of great opposition, persecution and cost.  This is because the movement inevitably and purposefully encounters the dynamics of the society in which is exists.  Another word for the dynamics of a society is politics.  The narrow understanding of politics is what happens in Springfield or Washington, D.C.  But the more accurate and real-life definition is that politics is the realm of complex relations among people living in a society.  Therefore, by its very nature, the church is political and engaged in politics whether acknowledged or not.  Now let me make an important clarification between things political and partisan.” To read the sermon in full, please click here.

July 5, 2018

Columbarium Expansion Project

The St. Mark’s Columbarium is an outdoor burial and garden space located on the north side of the church building.  The Columbarium provides spaces or “niches” in a wall and sites in the ground for the cremated remains of deceased parish members and their families. It is an accessible peaceful setting for remembrance, prayer and meditation. The Columbarium was constructed in 1998 with 80 niches in the wall portion and 64 spaces in the adjacent ground terrace. Twenty years later, only five niches in the wall remain unsold. With the Columbarium wall nearing capacity, this summer we will undertake an expansion of the wall, adding two “wing” sections, each with 60 spaces for a total of 120 additional niches. Members and friends of St. Mark’s have the opportunity to purchase niches at a pre-construction discount this summer. The discounted price is $1,500 per wall niche and $750 per in-ground space. After construction is completed in September, prices will be $2,000 per wall niche and $1,000 per in-ground plot.

Purchasers of Columbarium spaces receive a license for each niche or plot purchased.  A bronze plaque bearing the name and birth and death years of the deceased is attached to the face of the niche or to a bronze tableau on the outside chapel wall above the in-ground plots.

The word “columbarium” comes from the Latin “columba” meaning the dwelling place of a dove, which for Christians is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In ancient Rome, the early Christians referred to their burial niches in the catacombs as colombaria, noting the resemblance to the nesting boxes provided for doves. Later the word came to mean an area of consecrated church ground used for the burial of cremated remains.

If you would like to purchase a niche or plot, please contact Dellana Mote, office manager at frontdesk@stmarksglenellyn.org.

March 30, 2018

Summer at St. Mark’s For Children

Vacation Bible School: The theme of VBS this year is Shipwrecked! Children ages four years old-entering fifth grade can participate in learning about God the week of July 16-20 from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. There will be a performance for parents and caregivers on the last day. Registration form is here. Questions? Please contact Stephanie Kjellstrand at kjellstrandstephanie@gmail.com or call (630) 858-1020 ext. 234. Please mail or drop off your registration starting April 1 and a check to St. Mark’s, 393 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, Attn. Stephanie Kjellstrand.




March 20, 2018

Music Associate position available

The Music Program at St. Mark’s consists of Adult and Youth choirs which provide sung music for a variety of services held in the parish during the liturgical year. As we are a part of the Anglican Communion, much of the choral music offered is drawn from the rich tradition which comes to us through the Church of England. A wide variety of other styles of music are used as well, from early monastic chant and Renaissance composers to contemporary American works and spirituals. If you are interested in joining us, please read the job description here.

February 28, 2018

St. Mark’s listed as one of “100 Awesome Churches in the US”

Congratulations St. Mark’s! And thank you to everyone that helps make us who we are. Our doors are always open and everyone is always welcome, without condition. From the article:

“What makes a church awesome? Here are my criteria:

1️⃣ spiritually-enriching community
2️⃣ vibrant worship
3️⃣ social justice warriors
4️⃣ fully LGBTQ-inclusive
5️⃣ actively invite people into Christian identity/belonging

I crowd sourced suggestions on social media this weekend. Immediately, nominations started pouring in from across the country. 33 states to be exact.”