Adult Choir

The members of this ensemble provide the majority of choral music sung for services in the parish. Beginning with kick-off Sunday in September, the Adult Choir leads the Sunday 10:30 Rite II service, as well as additional services such as Lessons & Carols, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and various Evensongs. There is an emphasis on a cappella singing, in addition to anthems accompanied by a variety of instrumental ensembles, as well as organ. As with any of the choral groups, new members to the Adult Choir are always welcomed.

Rehearsals: Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and Sundays at 9:45 am.

Daniel Segner, Director of Music

“If we consider and ask ourselves what sort of music we should wish to hear on entering a church, we should surely, in describing our ideal, say, first of all that it must be something different from what is heard elsewhere; that it should be a sacred music, devoted to its purpose; a music whose peace should still passion, whose dignity should strengthen our faith, whose beauty should find a home in our hearts to cheer us in life and death; a music worthy of the fair temples in which we meet, and of the holy words of our Liturgy; a music whose expression of the mystery of things unseen never allowed any trifling motive to ruffle the sanctity of its reserve.” — Robert Bridges