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Latest News

Solemn Evensong for the Feast of All Saints

On Sunday, November 4 at 6:00 pm, you are invited to attend our All Saints Choral Evensong. The service will be led by the Adult Choir and will include pre- and post service music with Tanya Carey (cello), Rebecca Sandrok (violin), and Daniel Segner (organ). This service includes the reading of names for members, friends, and family of St. Mark’s who have gone to their eternal rest in the past year. To have a name of a loved one included, please email the name/s no later than Monday October 29th to frontdesk@stmarksglenellyn.org. Please bring a photograph of loved ones for placement on the altar.

Trunk or Treat at St. Mark’s October 31 5:00 pm

The upper parking lot will be spooktacular fun on October 31 starting at 5:00 pm. Members will open decorated car trunks filled with goodies for treaters of all ages–with a car designated as allergy friendly. After you drop off your treat bag, come into the warm library for some seasonal movies until the 30-minute Spooky Organ Concert begins at 6:00 pm. Fun for the whole family!

Halloween Organ Concert Wednesday October 31 at 6:00 pm

Sermon by Sandy Miller

“Our Gospel for today ends with Jesus blessing the children – in fact it ends with him insisting on letting them come to him, even as his disciples tried to get them to go away and stop bothering Jesus. Blessing them – even though in Jesus’ day, children were considered so insignificant that they were the least of the least.

Jesus reminds us that the kingdom of God belongs to everyone; including the weakest, most vulnerable of our society – words that we heard in our Gospel a few weeks ago.

As a clinical child psychologist, who spends my days with children, I was sorely tempted to focus this morning on those last few verses of our Gospel – to concentrate on the important message of what children have to teach us about the kingdom of God and, in doing so, successfully avoid the rest of our lesson from Mark and the messy subject of divorce! After all, in my almost 30 years of being a psychologist, I’ve succeeded in mostly avoiding the complicated, emotionally-wrought work of marital counseling!

But like it or not, our Gospel today includes the topic of divorce – Jesus’ response to the questions posed by the Pharisees. And though Jesus responds to their question, he doesn’t appear to want to get caught up in the topic of divorce any more than I do. It was as complicated an issue then as it is now.” To read her sermon in its entirety, please click here for English and here for Spanish.

Art at St. Mark’s

Hanging on the walls of the church and chapel is an exhibit of some of St. Mark’s own art collection, with pieces old and new. In the weeks up to Advent, icons, photographs, etchings, paintings, calligraphy and folk art are on display to enhance our worship space. The pieces have been hanging in (and will return to) other spaces around our building.  Take some time to examine and learn about some of the beautiful works we have access to every day. Be sure to notice the pieces in the chapel and in the altar space. New pieces have been donated to our collection since it was last shown in the church; some have been purchased and donated from recent shows, and others have been donated from private collections of parishioners. The art committee always welcomes donations of original art. We also need to reframe/restore some of our existing pieces, and monetary donations towards that effort are also very much appreciated.

If you would like to participate in the Visual Arts Committee at St. Mark’s, please contact the front desk or ceciliasmith@hotmail.com. The committee selects, promotes, and installs three to four art exhibits in the church every year.

Sermon: A Different Kind of Way by Paul-Gordon Chandler

“When I was doing research for my book on Kahlil Gibran, the early 20th century Lebanese born poet-mystic and author of The Prophet, who was from a Christian background, I came upon an article titled “The Crucified” that he wrote in Arabic one Good Friday that very much catches the spirit of today’s Gospel reading. He writes: “Today….man is startled from his deep slumber and stands before the phantoms of the Ages, looking with tearful eyes….to witness Jesus the Nazarene nailed on the Cross…For centuries Humanity has been worshipping weakness in the person of the Savior. The Nazarene was not weak! He was strong and is strong! But the people refuse to heed the true meaning of his strength…” In our reading in Mark’s Gospel, we are told of Jesus’ “different kind of way”—what one might call “the way of non-power” Our account finds Jesus and his disciples heading towards Jerusalem. And Jesus chooses to travel anonymously on this Galilean journey. For it was to be a period of intense teaching.” To read the entirety of his sermon please click here.

The pumpkins are here!

The Pumpkins are here! Sign up in the narthex for selling pumpkins at a shift between October 6 and October 31. Questions? Contact Phil Adler at padler66@gmail.com. Thank you!

Columbarium Expansion Project

The St. Mark’s Columbarium is an outdoor burial and garden space located on the north side of the church building.  The Columbarium provides spaces or “niches” in a wall and sites in the ground for the cremated remains of deceased parish members and their families. It is an accessible peaceful setting for remembrance, prayer and meditation. The Columbarium was constructed in 1998 with 80 niches in the wall portion and 64 spaces in the adjacent ground terrace. Twenty years later, only five niches in the wall remain unsold. With the Columbarium wall nearing capacity, this summer we will undertake an expansion of the wall, adding two “wing” sections, each with 60 spaces for a total of 120 additional niches. Members and friends of St. Mark’s have the opportunity to purchase niches at a pre-construction discount this summer. The discounted price is $1,500 per wall niche and $750 per in-ground space. After construction is completed in September, prices will be $2,000 per wall niche and $1,000 per in-ground plot.

Purchasers of Columbarium spaces receive a license for each niche or plot purchased.  A bronze plaque bearing the name and birth and death years of the deceased is attached to the face of the niche or to a bronze tableau on the outside chapel wall above the in-ground plots.

The word “columbarium” comes from the Latin “columba” meaning the dwelling place of a dove, which for Christians is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In ancient Rome, the early Christians referred to their burial niches in the catacombs as colombaria, noting the resemblance to the nesting boxes provided for doves. Later the word came to mean an area of consecrated church ground used for the burial of cremated remains.

If you would like to purchase a niche or plot, please contact Dellana Mote, office manager at frontdesk@stmarksglenellyn.org.

Music Associate position available

The Music Program at St. Mark’s consists of Adult and Youth choirs which provide sung music for a variety of services held in the parish during the liturgical year. As we are a part of the Anglican Communion, much of the choral music offered is drawn from the rich tradition which comes to us through the Church of England. A wide variety of other styles of music are used as well, from early monastic chant and Renaissance composers to contemporary American works and spirituals. If you are interested in joining us, please read the job description here.

St. Mark’s listed as one of “100 Awesome Churches in the US”

Congratulations St. Mark’s! And thank you to everyone that helps make us who we are. Our doors are always open and everyone is always welcome, without condition. From the article:

“What makes a church awesome? Here are my criteria:

1️⃣ spiritually-enriching community
2️⃣ vibrant worship
3️⃣ social justice warriors
4️⃣ fully LGBTQ-inclusive
5️⃣ actively invite people into Christian identity/belonging

I crowd sourced suggestions on social media this weekend. Immediately, nominations started pouring in from across the country. 33 states to be exact.”