What’s Happening

Online meeting quick guide


Sunday WorshipSunday at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm483-170-780

Morning Prayer

Monday-Friday at 8:30 am


ComplineTuesday at 8:15 pm897-9705-5160
30-Minute Meditation

Wednesday at 7:00 pm


Formation Classes

Adult FormationSunday at 9:00 am815-3207-6357
Bible ContemplationMonday at 8:00 pm675-388-785
Tuesday Bible StudyTuesday at 9:00 am535-428-803

Bible Study in Spanish (Estudio Biblico)

Thursday at 7:00 pm792-9302-1740
Exploring Our Theological HeritageThursday at 7:30 pm


Support, Fellowship, and Small Groups

Daughters of the King Third Monday at 7:00 pm 281-888-076
Tuesday Morning Men’s Group Tuesday at 8:00 am 945-076-7777
Women’s Group Meeting First Wednesday at 7:30 pm 946-7700-9142
Youth Group Thursday at 7:00 pm 848-065-887
Saturday Morning Men’s Group Saturday at 8:30 am 548-285-510

Book Group

First Sunday at 3:00 pm Contact May Anstee for more information