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Annual Campaign 2022!

It’s Time To Make Your Pledge To St. Mark’s For 2022!

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Now is the time to make your pledge to St. Mark’s for 2022!  The average pledge from St. Mark’s households for 2021 was $2515. The average pledge for all Episcopal churches in our diocese is $3,425.


Our theme is: With all your heart: Connecting to hope. Giving with gratitude. Moving forward with faith.

The Giving Campaign seeks to receive a financial pledge (estimate of giving) from every St. Mark’s household. Pledges may still be made by returning your pledge envelope to the parish office or placing it in the offertory plate on Sunday.

An update on the St. Mark’s Giving Campaign for 2022:

Numbers and percentages! – 197, 28, 89% and 83%
Let’s do the math! As of January 2…
– 197 pledges have been submitted totaling $544,910
– 28 out of the 197 are new to St. Mark’s!
By comparison, for 2021, a total of 238 households made pledges totaling $611,000.
We are 83% toward reaching last year’s number of pledges and 89% toward matching last year’s pledge dollar amount.
To accomplish the vestry goals for 2022, our pledge dollars need to be $721,000. We are 75% of the way toward this goal.
More numbers:
To reach our dollar goal, we need an additional $176,090.
Every pledge helps us reach our goal! If you haven’t done so, please make your pledge for 2022 today!
Thank you for your generosity which is a faithful investment in your church and its future!

 Giving Committee Co-Chairs: Andrew Wassef ( and Jeanne Tschampa

Click Here to Make Your Pledge