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Music Director Job Posting

St. Mark’s is currently seeking applicants for our Music Director.

See below for the job description:


Our Vision of Church


Job Description

Founded in 1897, St. Mark’s is an inter-generational and multi-cultural Episcopal congregation. Sunday worship includes two services in English (8:00 AM & 10:30 AM) and one service in Spanish (1:00 PM). Our 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM and other major services are live streamed and recorded. All services follow Rite II as found in the Book of Common Prayer. Our instruments include a J.W. Walker & Sons, Ltd. two manual tracker organ and three grand pianos.

Respecting the dignity of all people, we welcome everyone, embrace differences, foster creativity, and nurture the unique gifts of each person. We come together in worship, drawing on our ancient liturgical traditions while being enriched by newer expressions. We come together to learn and grow in our faith, welcoming questions, inviting dialogue, and forming the whole person in Christ. We joyfully carry our faith into the world, sharing Christ’s love through our actions toward each other, our community, the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, and the world. We worship, learn, and serve, proclaiming our commitment to understand and follow Christ’s challenging Gospel. We believe that everyone has gifts to contribute to the praise of God and the communion of saints. New members are always welcome.

Our Vision of Music at St. Mark’s

Informed by our vision statement, music at St. Mark’s is vibrant, growing, and inclusive. We are rooted in the importance of music in connecting people with each other and God. We welcome the involvement of all in musical worship, embracing differences, fostering creativity, and nurturing the unique gifts of each person. Our worship provides a broad range of musical content and styles, expressing the whole church – past and present. It includes traditional Anglican music, Gregorian-style chant, contemporary hymnody, Spanish-language hymnody, and various other musical expressions. Music is an integral part of how we worship, learn, and serve.

Our Vision of the Director of Music Ministry

St. Mark’s now seeks an enthusiastic, creative, and energetic team member to lead our music ministry in achieving our above visions. The Director of Music Ministry is a professional who holds specialized credentials in music and who has a thorough understanding of a liturgical style of worship. This person of faith is responsible for the effective planning, coordination, and presentation of music within the liturgical celebrations and musical life of the parish. She or he is gifted with a vision of how a local Church can develop its potential.

The Director of Music Ministry will be a keyboardist (organ & piano), choir director, and principal musician, working closely with our Rector, to lead, manage, and co-ordinate the music program as an effective part of St. Mark’s overall ministry.

Responsibilities and Tasks


  • Collaborates with the Rector, under his supervision, and with other members of the parish staff, integrating her or his own area of responsibility within the overall parish endeavors
  • Directs the church music program in all areas of worship, education, community outreach, and parish life
  • Selects and plans music for use in parish worship services
  • Provides leadership in areas related to church music, e.g., selects and develops participationaids for the congregation, manages choir music library, maintains musical instruments,coordinates services and schedules of church musicians, assures copyright permission, etc.
  • Prepares and manages the budget for the parish music program in collaboration with theRector and parish leadership
  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, staff retreats, meetings of St. Mark’s worshipcommittee, other meetings as may be necessary for the conduct of St. Mark’s music program,or at the request of the Rector
  • Familiarity with audio-visual systems and live streaming servicesWorship
  • Provides music and/or musicians for all Sunday and other major celebrations, including quiceañeras, weddings, funerals, etc.
  • Builds repertoire and encourages participation of the church community in singing in worship
  • Acts as a consultant to church members for planning sacramental liturgies Education
    • Invites, motivates, and trains all parish ministers of music (whether volunteer or paid)
    • Provides formation, music education, and practical preparation for all church services tocantors, choirs, and instrumental groups – English and Spanish
    • Serves as a resource consultant for St. Mark’s concerns regarding music, helping to educatestaff, other musicians, and congregation in developing their potentials to understand the roleof music in worship and to celebrate church services of musical quality
    • Keeps abreast of current developments in church worship and in musicPastoral Services
    • Engages in the life of the church by participating in principal church events and taking part in the living faith and real concerns of the life of the community
    • Actively recruits needed musicians, and attempts to involve newcomers and a broad spectrum of church members
    • Works to foster unity among all church musicians and to create a spirit of harmony with the presider and other worship service ministers
    • Promotes good public relations both within and beyond St. Mark’s, and is involved in ecumenical, Deanery, and diocesan networks of professional peers


The Director of Music Ministry possesses the qualities common to all church ministers. Effective functioning of this ministry requires, in particular, that the Director of Music Ministry understands the spirituality and worship life of church members and has a generous spirit of openness to our growing and diverse community.

Qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Music
  • Either AGO service playing certificate or ability to demonstrate keyboard proficiency atcertificate level
  • Proven ability to play the organ & piano
  • Ability to lead dynamic and organized choir rehearsals
  • Three years music ministry – experience in liturgical church environment is preferred
  • Meets all parish and diocesan human resources requirements
  • Has a passion for engaging congregations through music
  • Knowledgeable of and comfortable with church music in all forms and styles for thecongregation, choirs (adult, teen, and children), vocalists, and instrumentalists
  • Proficient in basic liturgical principlesSalary and terms summary
  • 3⁄4time
  • Salary is competitive, including pension and health insurance benefits
  • Four weeks paid vacation every year, preferably in July or AugustNOTE: Substitute organists are contracted through the Director of Music Ministry and paid by thechurch
  • Right of first refusal for music leadership at all weddings and funerals for a set fee.
  • $1,500 annually to be paid or reimbursed for dues, association fees, conferences, or othercontinuing education, with consideration for additional funding as needed.
  • Use of facilities for private teachingPhysical requirementsCandidate must be able to ascend/descend two flights of stairs for access to choir loft and organ.To ApplySend the following by e-mail to: The Rev. George Smith at – Letter of introduction and inquiry
    – Curriculum Vitae
    – Contact information, including phone number, mailing address, email address- Three references, two of which have observed the applicant in the context of a music working environment, one of which should be the rector of a parish (or equivalent)We will acknowledge receipt of completed applications and initially communicate with applicants by email. We will make every effort to respect the confidentiality of all candidates and will only call references later in the process and with a candidate’s permission.Please refrain from sending recordings or other supporting materials at this time.