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Music Survey Results

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church May 8, 2022page1image57171072

Thank you to everyone who took the Music Survey.

Music is important to the congregation at St. Mark’s!

The search committee for the music director surveyed the English and Spanish speaking populations about their thoughts on music in the life of St. Mark’s Church. 193 people took our survey, and almost all of them said that music was IMPORTANT or VERY IMPORTANT to them.

We learned that the organ is very popular, that there is some interest in a children’s choir, and that there is also interest in a recital series.

What’s important specifically?

It became apparent that the community of St. Mark’s is open to hearing many different types of music. The traditional hymns that are native to Episcopal worship hold a special place in the worship for many people.

These are the top 5 characteristics that the survey participants would like to see in a future Music Director:

  1. 1)  Has a strong ability to direct the choir.
  2. 2)  Plays the organ well
  3. 3)  Is willing to work with musicians of all levels
  4. 4)  Programs interesting music
  5. 5)  Has a good singing ability

To find out more information about the survey, please


Patti King
(630)740-7222 |

Music Director Search Committee:

George Smith, Miguel Briones, Gerry Carey, Tanya Carey, Joyce Fletcher, Patti King, Elizabeth Lanzillo, Hal Stratton, and John Zelman