Realm Privacy Settings

How to Update Privacy Settings in Realm 

This is a step-by-step process on how to update your privacy settings in your Realm account. 

The Realm sign-in page is located:

Your Information is your information 

The staff and clergy at St. Mark’s understands that privacy is a major concern for our members and parishioners. When you create your Realm account, please keep the following in mind: 

      • You have complete control over who can see your contact and personal information 

      • Your contact information is never public nor is it searchable on the Internet 

      • Authorized staff at St. Mark’s will have access to your profile information 

      • You and certain authorized St. Mark’s staff members have the ability to update your profile information 

      • For safety reasons, sharing contact and personal information for children under 18 is limited. 

      • Children under 13 may not participate and will not be able to sign into Realm 

    What People May See 

        • You can make your information visible to the entire church if you choose to do so, group members, leaders only, etc.
          • Contact Information: Address, Phone, and EmailYou will have the ability to set privacy settings for –
          • Personal Information: Marital Status, Birthday, Gender, and Allergy information  

      How to Manage your privacy

      To update your privacy settings, you can either click on your name in the upper- right corner of your screen and select Manage Privacy, or, if you are already in your My Profile screen, click on the Manage Privacy button. Either way will take you to the Manage Account Privacy screen. 

        • Select your name, or the name of a family member 

        • Select the privacy levels that you are most comfortable with, or select Custom Privacy to choose your preferred options for each field 

        • Click Save 

      Privacy Levels 

          • Anyone in the church – Like a church directory listing, everyone in the church will be able to see whatever profile information is marked as visible to everyone 

          • Leaders & group/serving team members – This setting means information will only be shared with the people you are involved with at the church. Also includes Church Staff. This is the default setting. 

          • Leaders – You would use this setting if you wanted to keep some profile information hidden from anyone who is not a group leader or on staff. 

          • Church Staff only – If selected, only staff members and database administrators can see your information. Your name will still be shown in the Online Directory, but no other information will be available. 

          • Custom Privacy – Choose different privacy levels for specific contact fields and personal information. 

        If you have any questions or run into any issues updating your privacy settings in Realm, please email Wes Clay-Anderson, Communications Coordinator, at [email protected].