Get Involved

How Can I Get Involved at St. Mark’s?

People sometimes ask the question, “What does it take to become a member of St. Mark’s?” Being a member of St. Mark’s doesn’t involve signing a membership form or agreeing with some statement of faith, rather it involves three actions:

  • regular participation in worship,
  • a financial commitment,
  • and involvement in the ministries and activities of our faith community.

All of these things support the mission of the church, of being Rooted in Baptism, Growing in Faith, and Branching Out into the World.

Whether you are new to St. Mark’s, or have been here a long time, please let us know what ministries and activities you might like to be a part of.

Worship Ministries
Education Ministries
Prayer and Service Ministries
Fellowship and Hospitality Ministries
Outreach and Other Ministries
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